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Japanese Natural Therapy


Ian has been a natural therapy practitioner for 25 years. His focus is Traditional East Asian
medicine, specifically Japanese protocols.

Japanese Natural Therapy is tailored for each person, considering individual constitutions.
It works on the nervous system, can assist in improving immunity, releases physical tension
and calms the mind and other imbalances. This natural healing system may have many
beneficial effects in reducing symptoms of various ailments and is very relaxing. It is
therefore, helpful for stress and anxiety.


Ian combines gentle protocols using finely crafted non-insertive tools and needle therapy.
Included are energy activation techniques: ionic polarity system to clear and revitalise, and
moxa heat therapy to strengthen and balance the whole system. This regulates and balances
the energies of the whole body physically and emotionally.
If you have specific ailments such as stress, musculoskeletal tensions and strain, or simply
need a tune up, Japanese natural therapy may be helpful.

Please call Ian for appointments 0417151056

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