Through facilities provided by the South Gippsland Shire Council and Services auspiced through Gippsland Southern Health Service, the Tarwin Lower and District Community Health Centre, staffed by a range of wonderful volunteers, has a past a present and a future. 



It is important that all Victorians should follow the strict instructions during the lockdown period as designated by the Victorian Government.

If you are unsure of what you can and cannot do, please go to this website which has a comprehensive list of do  and don’t,  and can and can’t instructions.


For a more formal announcement of the rules, open the attached PDF detailing the Government edict  from  Dr Annaliese van Diemen, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease). 


Stay safe and keep well   

Health services

The services and activities at the centre are provided at minimum cost for participants, ensuring equity of access to quality health care.

Help your community
by becoming a volunteer

This centre runs on the dedication and hard work of local volunteers and the support of the Gippsland Health Service, and the South Gippsland Shire Council. We are always in need of a helping hand and would love to hear from you. Email us on or phone us on 0356675680  to enquire about ways you could help.


A broad range of activities is provided  promoting physical activity for all residents and visitors in a diverse range of sports, recreation and active transport.

Contact Us

We're open Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm - check activity pages for specific times. Saturday from 8am-10am and closed on Sundays. For enquiries please contact us on (03) 5667 5680, or via the contact form below: We can also be contacted on &

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