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Nurse Practitioner - Deb Garvey


MIHM; MN; Grad Dip Crit Care (ED, ICU, CCU) GDLP; RIPRN; LLB; BN; Cert Skin Cancer Medicine; Cert Women's Health

Our Nurse Practitioner is available every Wednesday from 8am until all appointments are met please call the centre on   56675680.  Phone consultations text 0467841782 or 56162222 and arrange appointments that way.

The Nurse Practitioner provides a new level of service for our community. It is designed to provide timely access to healthcare for all Australians. A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse who has completed both advanced University study at Masters level and extensive clinical training to expand upon the traditional role of a Registered Nurse.


They work as key members of the healthcare team and collaborate with other nurses and healthcare professionals including GP’s, medical and surgical specialists, physiotherapists, dietitians occupational therapists and many others.


A Nurse Practitioner is able to work autonomously and collaboratively and is able to provide advanced level of healthcare to those in the community. Nurse Practitioners are protected under legislation and can prescribe medications, order many diagnostic tests and refer to specialists. They can diagnose, treat and review people that they care for.


Deb has a whole range of degree qualifications including:
• Nurse Practitioner Endorsement
• Masters of International Health Management
• Masters of Nursing
• Graduate Diploma of Critical Care (ED, ICU, CCU)
• RIPRN (Rural Isolated Practice Registered Nurse)
• Bachelor of Nursing and a range of certificate qualifications including
  - Womens Health
  - Primary Care, Skin Cancer Medicine
  - Aero-Medical Retrieval


ALL Consultations are Bulk-Billed but there are some charges for certain procedures. You will be informed of prices.
Some of these procedures include

•  Ear Syringing
•  Cryotherapy (Freezing)
•  Implanon insertion/removal
•  Suturing
•  Surgical Removal of Skin Cancer
•  Dressings


Also available to purchase are some travel vaccinations (there is no charge to have them administered)
•  Hepatitis A
•  Hepatitis B
•  Typhoid
•  Boostrix (Tetanus/Whooping Cough)

2018 Bass Coast People's Choice award


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